Welcome to Wastelandia - Available soon for iOS (iPhone, iPod & iPad)

Will you survive the harsh realities of this new world?

Wastelandia is a free, settlement building and resource scavenging simulation game coming soon to iOS (iPhone, iPod & iPad.) Set after the events of "The Event," your job is to build a thriving settlement for the surviving denizens of the world - now known as Wastelandia.

For now, here are some of the things you can expect to find in Wastelandia:

  • Over 30 buildings to discover - from Wastelandia's very own Casino, to a full blown Nuclear Reactor.
  • Over 100 items to scavenge from 15 different locations.
  • Recruit over 20 specialist characters to give your settlement extra abilities and protect your settlers.
  • Scavenge for building materials by sending out scavenging parties or through an upgradeable mining and lumbering game.
  • Protect your settlement with fortifications - from simple scrap walls to high-tech tesla fences.
  • Plenty of mini-games to earn extra rewards.
  • Wastelandia will be free to download and play!

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Coming soon


Coming Soon

Become a settler of Wastelandia

There are hundreds of ways to find and lose settlers in Wastelandia. Contribute your ideas for events and we'll include some of the best ones in the game. We will also pick our favourite entry and they will have the chance to have a portrait of themselves drawn and included as a settler of Wastelandia.

Complete the form and enter the type of event you'd like to contribute, whether it's about a settler joining your settlement - or a settler perishing in the wastelands. Wastelandia is set in a humorous, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi/fantasy world - so be as creative as you like! Below are some good examples of gaining-a-settler and losing-a-settler events:

Cloning Chamber (Gain Settler)

One of your settlers uncovers a portable, one-shot cloning machine! Your settler is cloned, however a cloning malfunction has resulted in slight differences between the original settler and the new clone. The new settler looks different and has a different name!

Micro Wormhole (Lose Settler)

Whilst scavenging for materials around your settlement, a micro-sized wormhole opens up next to a settler and swallows them whole. The wormhole spits them out somewhere in another dimension and closes as suddenly as it opened. You won't be seeing them again!

Submission Form

Include your name and email if you wish to be entered into the competition and be informed when Wastelandia goes live on the app store. You can submit as many events as you like.

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